I am currently a first second-year Ph.D. student at Pennsylvania State University's College of Information Sciences and Technology, where I am advised by Dr. Yubo Kou.

I am interested in investigating problems regarding Human-computer interaction (HCI), Computer supported cooperative work (CSCW), and social media content moderation through mixed methodologies. Recently, I work on investigating how YouTubers, (i.e., video content creators) experience, perceive, make sense out of, and handle algorithmic moderation's decisions and the corresponding impacts.

In addition, I am passionate about investigating end-user/community's interactive behaviors on social media or on user interfaces as well as learning the impacts of algorithmic designs on them.

Personal Updates

  • [Jun, 2021]

Got my very first paper accepted by CSCW 2021, "How advertiser-friendly is my video?": YouTuber’s Socioeconomic Interactions with Algorithmic Content Moderation. We discuss socioeconomic implications of YouTube’s algorithmic moderation involving in the algorithmic opacity and precarity and YouTubers' post-punishment behaviors and support.

  • [May, 2021]

I passed the Ph.D. Qualifying Exam! 😄

  • [Aug, 2020]

Joined the Ph.D. in Informatics program at Pennsylvania State University's College of Information Sciences and Technology.

  • [Jun, 2020]

Graduated from the Master of Science in Applied Data Science program from Syracuse University's School of Information Studies.

Contact Me

My email address is renkai@psu.edu

Welcome to connect me on LinkedIn and Twitter! 😊